General resources and lab opportunities

General Resources

Anole Genomic Resources

  • Broad Institute Anolis Genome Project
  • Ensembl Anolis carolinensis portal
  • NIH Bioproject PRJNA253971 (Kusumi Lab regenerative transcriptome)
  • NIH Bioproject PRJNA202248 (Kusumi Lab Anolis auratus genomic sequence)
  • NIH Bioproject PRJNA149661 (Kusumi Lab Anolis carolinensis 28 and 38 somite pair embryos)
  • NIH Bioproject PRJNA78917 (Broad Institute Anolis carolinensis RNA-Seq of Kusumi Lab tissues lung, adrenal gland, embryo, liver, skeletal muscle, brain, ovary, heart, dewlap)
  • NIH Bioproject PRJNA18787 (Broad Institute Anolis carolinensis genome sequencing)
  • NIH Bioproject PRJNA236043 (David Zarkower Lab, University of Minnesota, Anolis carolinensis RAD-Seq)
  • NIH Bioproject PRJDA68299 (Nagoya City University Anolis carolinensis olfactory receptor sequencing)
  • NIH Bioproject PRJNA189574 (U. Queensland Anolis equestris)

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Lab Opportunities

Graduate and Undergraduate Students

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